Davidoff Crop to Shop Still

Davidoff Crop to Shop

Imagefilm | 2013 | 20min


Oettinger Davidoff oversees all stages of their cigar production. The development, drying and fermentation of the seeds, the rolling of the cigars and the delivery to the authorised dealers worldwide – this is how "from-crop-to-shop" is defined at Oettinger Davidoff. Around 300 manual steps are required to produce a fine cigar. The most important and most emotional of these single steps are captured in this 20-minute film. Immerse yourself in the Caribbean world of tobacco and let yourself be enchanted by the craftsmanship.

    Script, Directing & Editing: Philippe Weibel

    3D animations: Janos Menberg

    THE END.

    Showreel Janos Menberg

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