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Acht Grad Ost Still

Acht Grad Ost

Imagefilm | 2020 | 4min

Directing | Postproduction

There is a shortage of skilled workers in the geomatics industry. The Acht Grad Ost Group, with locations in Uri, Zurich and St. Gallen, relies on a charming movie to give an insight into the fresh, varied and employee-oriented everyday working life. The central element in the directorial concept is the casting of real employees - for an authentic and unvarnished feeling.

Screenplay, Directing & Postproduction: Janos Menberg

Cinematography, Supporting editor: Armin Nussbaumer

Produced by: Armin Nussbaumer & Janos Menberg

Music: David Hohl

Sound Design & Mix: Martin Stäheli

University Bern: Knowledge creates Value Still

University Bern: Knowledge creates Value



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